11.3.19 Delaying the Inevitable. (Poem)

"Delaying the Inevitable" By Brian Bolding 11.3.19   I’m just sitting here Looking like a bump on a log I’m just sitting here Feeling like three quarters of a hog I didn’t feel pretty when I woke up today But little did I know it would be such a great day I’m delaying the inevitable... Continue Reading →

8.1.19 Picking Up the Pieces & Trying to Move On… (Journal)

I think about Dad every second of every hour of every day. I think about all the great times, they overshadow the bad or sad ones. The memories come flooding back quickly and unrelentlessly, like a Summer monsoon... Like the time that my Sister Nickie stood at her bedroom window and told me at the... Continue Reading →

8.26.18 One Year On (Journal)

Yes. Cabo was amazing. My Sister and I got back over a month ago, and I'll write about that soon. But for now... there's another important milestone to report: I'm so happy to report that my amazing boyfriend *B* and I celebrated our one year anniversary last week. August 22nd is the special date. However,... Continue Reading →

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