11.19.19 Chalkhills (Poem)


By Brian Bolding

© 2019 Pop Art Trash Productions


Gliding through the chalkhills

Like ghosts, prancing around

No legs beneath our knees

Just pure white sheets and glistening white faces

Candlelit and frozen, walking along in a uniform way

The fields afire like illustrated comic strips

Black and white and the sadness

Is rubbing off on me

Can’t you see Can’t you see

I need a human connection

Instead of all this constant rejection

Everyone needs a little hope and positivity

In order to find the best within

So I’ll keep on searching, searching for that light

In the middle of the chalkhills holding your hand

In the illustrious moonlight.



11.17.19 sun 559 pm bb.


Photograph by Brian Bolding. Sandia Peak Tramway. ABQ, NM. 2018

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