01.01.20 Welcome, 2020! (Journal)

As the second part to my “Adios, 2019!” post yesterday, I wanted to follow that up with a more upbeat and positive outlook on the new year – the year which began today – 2020!

(I plan on posting about my awesome Christmas and New Years celebrations in Texas the past 10 days very soon. This is about what I want to see in 2020.)

As a kid, I always thought about 2020 and beyond, and wondered what craziness the future would hold. For sure, I imagined flying Jetson cars and hoverboards like in “Back to the Future”, but alas, we have nothing like that in our universe thus far. While I say that, I’m amazed at how society and technology has progressed over the years. When I was a little kid building my own programs with my Texas Instruments TI 99/4A back in 1983, I never could have imagined all that we have now.

Since 2019 was mostly a huge disappointment, despite my graduation and my cousin’s wedding, I would like to go on record by saying that I sincrely have great expectations for 2020 and beyond. I say ‘beyond’ because I know that it takes time to improve one’s life, and I don’t want to put myself into a 365 day box with anything. Instead, I like to be positive and set some rough goals for myself. Not resolutions, but… things I hope to acheive, or make great progress in. My list is below! (Feel free to share yours in comments or to me personally, as many of you seem to do. I welcome all responses or comments!)

What I hope to accomplish in 2020 *(and beyond)… in no praticular order:

  1. Visit my ex (and friend) Steve in England
  2. Work out twice per day, eat healthier, and get back down to 200 pounds!
  3. Find my future husband
  4. Visit Europe
  5. Spend more quality time with my pets
  6. Create new friendships, and cultivate existing ones
  7. Be as supportive and trusting towards new people as I can be
  8. Continue to study hard and stay on the Dean’s list in Grad School!
  9. Sell some of my stuff and make space in my apartment
  10. Begin saving or looking for a house


That’s about it. I have great expecations for 2020, and probably the most important to me is my health, and looking for my soul mate and future husband.

Here’s to 2020! I hope your holidays were as amazing as mine were.

Much love to you all.


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