03.07.21 “Being Endlessly Alone is a Selfless Task” (Poem)

Poem written on 3/7/21 – By Brian Bolding

From my Jan-Mar poetry book, “Persona Non Grata”

Being endlessly alone

is a selfless task

If you want me to go

All you have to do is ask

This is getting tiring

and I’m really on the brink

I just picked up my heart

out of the kitchen sink

It’s time to come together

After a year of doubt, what do you think

Let’s go make the weather

With our fashionbly accessible kink

Being endlessly alone

is like Groundhog Day on repeat

Nobody knows my name

There’s nobody out in the street.

03.07.21 1245 pm Sun BB.

(Picture: Me at West Texas A&M in Amarillo, Fall 1997)

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