03.11.21 “Magnesium Blue” (Poem)

This poem was written on 11/1/20 and was featured in the poetry book, “Notes From Oblivion, Vol 2”

by Brian Bolding.

Lookin just like

 A dog in heat

What do you do

Magnesium blue

Tell me your stories

I’m here to hear them

As long as I’m not talking

I guess I should do the walking

Lookin just fine

Don’t have a clue

Tell me your name again

Magnesium Blue

Let’s create a new memory

On this old dinette

During this global pandemic

And wake up with no regret

Your eyes are like an ocean

So vast and wise and deep

I just really want you here with me

I say to myself in my deep sleep.

11.1.20 sun 1118 pm bb.

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