11.30.21 Giving Thanks & Dodging Blanks (Journal)

This year’s Thanksgiving holiday didn’t disappoint! In fact, it’s one for the family record books.

My big sister N’s 50th birthday happen to fall on Thanksgiving this year, and it’s the first time in over a decade that she has spent her birthday and Thanksgiving (both) with us down in Texas. Amazing, amazing time! I got there a few days before my sis (last Monday night, on the 22nd). Met my little sis’ boyfriend’s family and we gorged on Babe’s Chicken in Roanoke which was amazing. Big Sis came into town and we got to put up my little Sis K’s Christmas Tree (more or less for her son, D) but it was a good time.

Not only that, we celebrated our big Sis’s birthday by going out for a night at XOXO Dining Room in Dallas on Friday with friends, for an event we posted on FB about a month ago. She even had a cupcake birthday wheel, lit and on fire. It looked and tasted amazing 😉 So… the sucky news: extended family flaked on us for the first time this night (on both sides of the family), then again on Thanksgiving (big time Grrr. But yes. I’m over it now, after a few “shouting to the heavens” incidents of mine.) Then, later that night, we met some of my big Sis’s friends out at Deep Ellum (the bar area) at Thunderbird Cafe for some great drinks and food. We ended the night laughing and in a Jack in the Box drive-thru, like always!

So, during the trip, I also got to get my fix of Tex Mex (thanks, Mariano’s!) and even Grandy’s Chicken (thanks, sis!) Of course, several visits to Starbucks with my little sis and Dollar Tree with Mom, a few consignment stores, Half Price Books… just always get some fun shopping in when I’m down. We were also able to see my little nephew D’s basketball practice last weekend, which was amazing. (He’s getting so BIG!) We had a great time there; took some wonderful pics!

Thanksgiving Day, we had a family holiday celebration planned at my little Sister’s new home (combined with our big Sis’s 50th birthday party) and I was sad to see all of our extended family cancel on us again (for the 2nd time?! seriously??!! Nickie is never down. And it’s Thanksgiving!) That took the air out of my tires big time, but then friends arrived of my little Sis and a few others and before you know it, we had a blast anyway! (Extended family can be a HUGE pain in the ass, and I often take that stuff the wrong way, so I opted to just let it go and give it to God, ya know?) Thankfully, we always have a good time since we have such winning personalities and we know how to party! 😀 (How am I related to these people? Honestly. Ok. Calm down, Brian. LOL) It makes ya think where priorities lie.

Of course, when there’s a week back home, some drama always ensues… On Saturday morning last week, I had a mini-Covid scare, though. I woke up with an upset stomach and a day-long headache (and I didn’t even drink the night before… must have been allergies or something I ate!) My big Sis got a Covid test for me and thankfully, I tested negative. (Phew!) Had a great time the final day, too. We all went to go take family pics with Santa (after my nephew returned from his first ever concert, Metallica! And some UFC fight in Dallas with his dad.) Spent some time with the dogs and at Town East Mall with the fam on the final Sunday.

Driving back, I left at 6 pm and got home to ABQ around 2:30 am. (Good timing! Esp with the time change.) Now I’m back home and penniless, (Haha), getting ready for Christmas. I got my tree up at work and have started getting a few gifts. I’ll be going back home to Dallas for Christmas, too, but probably for 2 weeks this time. My dogs had a great time, too, and they always look forward to that 9-hour drive, going back home to ‘see Granny!’ It’s always so great when I’m able to go home, even with limited funds because of the holidays.

Since I didn’t get back into town until like 2:30-3 am on Monday morning yesterday, I worked from home yesterday (thankfully!) I put up my Starbucks ornament tree last night in my dining room. It looks fab! (It’s a shame it’s just for me and the pets, but that’s what you get when you’re surrounded by nothing but players and toxic people as a 46-year-old single gay man in the middle of the freaking desert! I’ve been ignoring the dating scene lately since I broke up with Gonzalo last month.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and remember to surround yourself with those you love most, for that is what the holiday is about! Love you all and keep reading, stay healthy, and be nice to strangers. You never know whose life you can touch with a simple smile and the hand of friendship.



Pic was taken of me and the fam last Saturday at my nephew’s basketball practice!

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