11.29.21 The Sentry Returns (Poetry, 2021)

Back in 1992, I wrote a series of poems called ‘The Sentry,” which were poems about my inner search for spirituality & God. While I am fully spiritual now in my old age (46!), the road traveled wasn’t easy, but it was oh so worth it. While I respect all other religions or lack thereof, here is a sequel of sorts I wrote, “The Sentry Returns,” for my Oct-Dec poetry book, ‘Earthly delights in a closed type universe.” It’s a follow up to that collection of stories I wrote nearly 30 years ago this month. I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday weekend! Back to the grind. For just a couple of weeks, at least! *BB

“The Sentry Returns” by Brian Bolding

Standing alone

Drawing my sword

Everyone’s cashing social checks

They can’t afford

Fleeting still

Beneath the deafening winds

Long gone are all those tomorrows

Good times with old friends

Now I’m on my own

Like a rock and endlessly looking up

I don’t know where this life will lead

But I’m in need of a fill-up

Standing guard

His light shines over me

Casting shadows of doubt

Arm outstretched in an endless sea

Standing alone

God within my heart

Now I’ll no longer be

Alone, for a start.

11.29.21 745 pm mon bb.

Photo was taken by B.B. on May 26, 2021

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