02.09.22 WordPress Website Woes (Site News)

WordPress is just downright rotten. So, this past Monday, they charged my credit card at 3:57 am in the freaking morning for $70 worth of website renewals, which include my main domain linking. Sadly, this caused my bank account to go into overdraft (I was cutting it close to payday, to be sure) so I went on their website to cancel the charge for a refund (as one can do, if one is on the verge of being overdrawn, thankfully) and I was able to recoup that money. I didn’t realize I had my account on ‘auto renew.’ Well, little did I know that I would never be able to get my website link back, even if I re-joined at the personal creator level, which is where I was for the past year on WordPress. I searched the WordPress help to make sure (before I cancelled) that I could get my domain back, and it looked like I could.)

Fast forward to yesterday, when I suddenly got my state tax returns back, and had some spare change there to throw at renewing my WordPress site. Once I did, I went in to see if I could ‘re-link’ my website to my actual website on here, and lo and behold, I could not. I emailed support 3 times and did not hear back, so later on last night, I messaged a support agent and finally was told the truth. “Oh! You want it back? It will cost you $80! That’s our standard policy. When you cancelled your membership, you lost the free link to your free domain.” I was furious.

So what did I do? I cancelled my subscription (again!) and am just going to start directing people to the new (actual) website, which is at ballistikcoffeeboy.wordpress.com . They essentially have my old site name under lock and key for 3-5 years, and are trying to coerce or force me to pay the $80 to relink it. It’s a trick to make more money, that’s for certain. When I asked the “customer service agent” what my personal subscription covers, he had the gall to say: “amazing customer service! but you’d still owe the $80.” What a bunch of garbage! The ‘amazing customer service’ took me 2 days to reach, with a paid membership on WordPress, in fact. I’m fed up with WordPress now, and will begin looking for another blog site to host me. That’s just reprehensible, for me being a paid member for the past few years. HOW DARE THEY try to exploit me for money to get my old website link back. I’m disgusted at their “policies,” their customer service agents who obviously are talking to me from a substandard hut in Malaysia, and I’m taking my business elsewhere. Eventually! Until then, I’ll still be here, so no worries… I’ll make sure to tell you for in advance before I fly the coop. This cage needs cleaning, that’s for certain!

WordPress. How dare you. You’re dead to me.


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