04.21.23 BCB #102: MISSILE COMMAND x REPLICADE by Atari & New Wave Toys (Unboxing & Overview)

On this episode, I take a look at the #MissileCommand x #Replicade by #Atari & #NewWaveToys! It’s a near exact 1/6 replica of the famous #arcade game that started it all! (There’s even a mini trackball!) I unbox the mini cab, go over the contents & manual… (there’s even mini coins!) and talk about my personal love for this game. I also show you a clip from 2014 from #ClassicGameRoom‘s #YouTube channel entitled ‘Missile Command Arcade Game Review.’ He’s great! So what did I think? Tune in to find out! Subscribe, Like & Comment if you enjoy this content! Thanks for watching! BCB

In-Video Links Visit CGR Publishing (Classic Game Room) Here:    / @classicgameroom   Visit New Wave Toys here: https://newwavetoys.com/


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