04.24.23 That Atari Show #39: “Carl Forhan Returns!” (Interview: Carl w/ Songbird Prod, Atari Jaguar CD)

On this episode, #CarlForhan w/ @SongbirdPro joins us! Again! He returns to tell us about #TowersII (the Enhanced Stargazer Edition) for the #AtariJaguar that he sells on his website, #SongbirdProductions! It’s a fantastic update to a late #Jag release, #Towers2! Also: I go over my #Atari#JaguarCD collection thus far, which games I recommend & some stuff I bought from Songbird to enhance my experience! Subscribe, Like & Comment if you enjoyed this content. Thanks for watching! BCB

In-Video Links Visit Carl (Songbird Prod) on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SongbirdPro Visit Carl (Songbird Prod) on YouTube:    / @ucxnyqelzywhziri…   Visit Carl’s (Songbird Prod) on the Web: https://songbird-productions.com/


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