05.08.23 Atari Newsline Publisher Spotlight V.2: “M Network (Aka Mattel Electronics)

On #AtariNewsline #Publisher #Spotlight Vol 2, I take a look at #MNetwork (aka #Mattel Electronics.) They made some classic #games for the #Atari2600, but how did a #toy company go from making handhelds and the #Intellivision, a competing machine, to creating #games for the #Atari 2600? This episode, I delve into the history of M Network, it’s games & it’s legacy. Games featured include #Astroblast, #AdventuresofTron, #Tron #DeadlyDiscs, #AirRaiders, #SuperChallengeFootball, #StarStrike, #LocknChase & more!

Correction: At the start of the video, I mention this is a DEV spotlight, this is actually a PUB (Publisher) Spotlight V.2. The audio was already converted & I didn’t want to go thorugh all the trouble to correct that. Anyhow, small error, but thanks for watching!

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In-Video Links TV Guide Article: https://web.archive.org/web/201812251… Blue Sky Rangers on WikiWand.com: https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Blue_Sky_… Press Release for M Network & Atari games: https://worthplaying.com/article/2023… Atari’s press release: https://atari.com/blogs/newsroom/atar…


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