07.02.22 “I’ve Been Nominated… For YouTuber of the Month?!” (YouTube Channel Update)

Yes, you heard that right! My good #YouTube friend, 'Back In The Day Gaming,' messaged me to let me know there would be a 'surprise' coming my way later that day. I was so excited to find out exactly what it was... and when I got sent the link to 'Generation Pixel's page, I was astounded to find out I had been nominated (along with a few other worthy content creators) to be YouTuber of the Month for July 2022!! I'm still in shock, to be honest 😉 Click below to VOTE, watch my Nomination Video, and much more! #YTOTM2022 (I also apologize if you've seen this already on my Twitter, I just wanted to make sure I spread the news. Thx!) #Vintagegaming #atari #retrogaming

12.26.21 Vintage Gaming Consoles (& beyond) I Plan to Review in the New Year (Site News)

In planning for season 2 of my #YouTube page, #BallistikCoffeeBoy, I have been thinking alot the past two weeks about which #vintagegaming #consoles I plan to review in the new year. Some of them have already been semi-reviewed, just not filmed, and others I have recorded snippets of while playing them initially. Below is a... Continue Reading →

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