07.02.22 “I’ve Been Nominated… For YouTuber of the Month?!” (YouTube Channel Update)

Yes, you heard that right! My good #YouTube friend, ‘Back In The Day Gaming,’ messaged me to let me know there would be a ‘surprise’ coming my way later that day. I was so excited to find out exactly what it was… and when I got sent the link to ‘Generation Pixel’s page, I was astounded to find out I had been nominated (along with a few other worthy content creators) to be YouTuber of the Month for July 2022!! I’m still in shock, to be honest šŸ˜‰ Click below to VOTE, watch my Nomination Video, and much more! #YTOTM2022 (I also apologize if you’ve seen this already on my Twitter, I just wanted to make sure I spread the news. Thx!)

To vote, please visit GENERATION PIXEL’S YouTube page below. Leave a comment underneath the video and say “I vote for Ballistik Coffee Boy” (if you want to, of course, hehe) And I appreciate the consideration! I list 5 videos in this Nomination video you should watch (if you’re a new viewer) and also a few other bonus favorites. Check ’em out… and vote! You have the whole month of July to vote, I think and your YouTube account has to be older than 3 months to vote. Go into your settings to ‘start a channel’ so you can check to see if you fall in that time frame.

Generation Pixel’s video is beneath my nomination video below.

My Nomination Video 7/1/22

Generation Pixel’s Video (Vote here!)

Thanks again! Please also SUBSCRIBE to my channel if you have not ! I appreciate you all so much šŸ˜‰ Thank you from the bottom of my vintage gamer heart !


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