12.26.21 Vintage Gaming Consoles (& beyond) I Plan to Review in the New Year (Site News)

In planning for season 2 of my #YouTube page, #BallistikCoffeeBoy, I have been thinking alot the past two weeks about which #vintagegaming #consoles I plan to review in the new year. Some of them have already been semi-reviewed, just not filmed, and others I have recorded snippets of while playing them initially. Below is a list of the consoles and vintage gaming systems I intend to review on my channel in the New Year. Feel free to chime in below or on my YT page with your favorites or ones you’d like to see me play and review. Here goes…

  1. New Atari VCS (2020) – The Atari VCS has been in my ownership for the past year, and I feel a ‘one year later’ review would be a good place to start. I was an early backer on Indiegogo for this system, and later pulled out after delays, then bought the system again on eBay – and I’m so glad I did! I’ve been impressed with this system over the past few weeks and as the system has seen a wide public release over the past two months, they have stepped up their game. Can’t wait to give a full review!
  2. Evercade VS. (2021) – The Evercade VS is an incredible home console version of the classic Evercade portable, released by Blaze Entertainment last year. I was an early adopter of the original and have loved the Evercade and it’s (thus far) 22 proprietary cartridges (with officially licensed games) over the past year (check out my Evercade original review here, that came out last month.) The Evercade VS is an awesome addition to the Evercade family of products, and I can’t wait to share my findings with you (as soon as I get home and play the console… it arrived while I was in Dallas here for the holidays!) I’ve seen the early reviews, and they look amazing.
  3. Oculus Quest 2 (2020) – While this new system from Facebook came out last October, I really haven’t given it much thought, until my nephew received it for Christmas yesterday, and so far, it’s been pretty amazing. While not a vintage gaming system, I feel it is the future of gaming, and I can’t wait to fully review it soon. (I’ve already shot some video of me and my nephew playing a few games on this virtual reality headset.) More to come!
  4. Atari Jaguar (1994) – So I became recently obsessed with the Atari Jaguar a few months back and have acquired over 20 boxed games since I began collecting. I never had this system when it came out (I was mostly a Nintendo fanatic back then) but it’s an awesome, underrated system, for sure. I’m loving the games on it, including “Pitfall – The Mayan Adventure,” “Bubsy” and “Tempest 2000,” to name a few. I can’t wait to do a ‘deep dive’ on this system, and plan to in the new year!
  5. Magnavox Odyssey 2 (1978-1984) – I managed to get my hands on an Odyssey 2 in the box early last year. It came with about 6 games and once I plugged it in, it reminded me of an Atari 2600 and its initial run of ‘old school’ games, such as Combat and Asteroids. Anyhow, I don’t know much about this system and can’t wait to do a ‘deep dive’ on it. More to come, for sure!
  6. TI-99/4A (1981-1984) – The Texas Instruments TI-99/4A was my first real home computer that my dad purchased for me and the family back in ’82-’83, before the video game crash. This is the system I learned how to program on at the age of 7-8. In fact, I remember my first program which I keyed into TI Basic was called “Mr. Bojangles.” So many great games on that system, too, including Parsec, Alpiner, Munch-Man, TI Invaders, Blasto, The Attack and so many more. I can’t wait to share my memories about this system and its great games with my subscribers!
  7. Emulation Systems (Various) – I literally have 10 Atari Flashback systems from atGames, a Sega atGames emulation system, the Atari atGames portable (handheld unit), the Retron 77, the Retron 3 and 4, and so many other emulation systems. I’m thinking of doing a series on these or at least an overview episode. So, stay tuned for that in the new season, as well!
  8. atGames Legends Ultimate (& Legends Pinball) (2019-2021) – The atGames Legends Ultimate (upright arcade with roms) and Legends Pinball (virtualized pinball table, full-sized) have both been in my collection for months now – I got the Legends Ultimate Arcade about 2 years ago, in fact. I can’t wait to do a full deep dive on these systems, including the customer service, which has been extremely sub-par. I’ll share those findings with you all very soon!
  9. Tiger XPG (and R-Zone) Gaming Systems (1995-1997) – I watched a Rerez YouTube video recently about these systems, and they have been affectionally dubbed the ‘worst home gaming system ever!’ I slightly disagree with that sentiment. I’m going to be doing my own full-length review of these two systems, as well as the other Tiger handheld systems I own, including Lights Out and many more. Stay tuned for more coverage of these systems late in 2022. I just recently purchased these systems, and they are currently En route to me, and I hope to review them soon!

Any more? Of course! But that should just about round out 2022’s programming schedule. I also have the monthly VGM Unboxings to do, as well as the random video on thrift crawls, finds in the wild, and much more. Subscribe to my YouTube channel here and make sure to like, subscribe, comment & have a wonderful new year! My new season begins Jan 3rd, btw! Don’t miss it!


Photo was taken by my nephew Damian on Christmas Day, as I played his new Oculus Quest 2. This didn’t last long as the dude is addicted to the Oculus and wouldn’t let me play much 😉 lol -BB

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