1.24.18 Late January Update (Journal)

This week has been interesting. Bracing, defiant, frantic and full of color. I had a nice surprise lunch at my place with the bf today, which was a nice change. I pick him up usually, and we go somewhere fast-foody and quick so we can share most of the hour together kissing in alleyways in... Continue Reading →

1.22.18 Official Website Re-Launch Day

Today is the official 're-launching' of my website... my semi-permanent home on the Inkernet over the years.. more formally known as brianbolding.com ! This website has been in and out of my ownership over the years, and I just renewed it for 5 years, so I should be good for awhile again. *Insert canned laughter.*... Continue Reading →

My Hate Crime Story.

The following story is an edited excerpt from Chapter 13, ‘Growing Pains,’ from my first novel, Sweet Pea, which I wrote from 1990-2005. It includes information from previous and later chapters, so as to convey the story best in this format. This story is a graphic and offensive, but completely true account, of a hate... Continue Reading →

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