1.22.18 Official Website Re-Launch Day

Today is the official ‘re-launching’ of my website… my semi-permanent home on the Inkernet over the years.. more formally known as brianbolding.com ! This website has been in and out of my ownership over the years, and I just renewed it for 5 years, so I should be good for awhile again. *Insert canned laughter.* I started “BallistikCoffeeBoy” back in 1995 on GeoCities (remember that? No? I’m showing my age.) After that, it was located on MSN Spaces and even Groups pages on MSN, AOL and Yahoo. My website has also been known over the years as: “Eskimocha,” “Sweet Pea,” “Brian Bolding Online,” and, strangely enough, “Bubba’s Space.” The name ‘Ballistik Coffee Boy’ stuck with me as it was my first ever handle I used on BBS (bulletin board systems) back in the early to mid 90’s. So yes, I’ve been around awhile, causing havoc with my words and being as real as I could be whilst dispensing 80’s lyrics, popping out zines and writing comics. Actually, my real hobby is that I’m an author.. I’ve written 4 novels and countless poetry and short stories, all of which I share here on my official site and/or over at my wordpress site, which my main site now mirrors. So yeah, there it is. Thanks for those of you who have just joined me, and the handful who have been around for the past 20 some odd years. Here’s to my official website being re-launched. Have a good modest poke around and feel free to leave comments or email me personally.

Have a splendid new year!

PS I’m making coffee as I type. For real.


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