05.26.23 “Doodle Taxi,” a Taxi Sim by Metgan Games, Now Out Exclusively on Atari VCS! (Atari Newsline)

ATARI NEWSLINE. BREAKING NEWS. // Surprise!! Today, @metgangames released #DoodleTaxi! This is the #Taxi #Sim #Game we've heard so much about lately! In a surprising mode, he released it TODAY exclusively for the #AtariVCS! It's a sub-$10 game on the #VCS and it's amazing! I show you the #trailer & discuss my initial opinions for... Continue Reading →

11.9.19 Being There. (Journal)

I wrote the following earlier tonight, which is a speech for church tomorrow. This serves as 'part 2' of the previous post, but it can also stand alone.  Just a update on my life and incorporated with my current reality. (Following is a Facebook post I wrote tonight about some friends who are going through... Continue Reading →

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