1.7.19 New Year, New You, New Me (Journal)

First off… Happy New Year! I know that gets old, but I really mean it. I wish everyone a happy new year.

I promise I won’t ask you about resolutions. I don’t really ‘do’ resolutions, but instead, I use new years to reflect back upon the year and make sure I’ve learned my lessons and that I’ve changed appropriately.

And you know… in 2018, I could have grown more, but I sustained and did really well in school (still on the Dean’s List!) since that was the new area of my main focus, and I’ve succeeded there with flying colors. I graduate from GCU in Fall 2019 with my Associates in Sociology (with an emphasis in Social Work) and then I’m staying on for two more years to get my Masters in mental health counseling. So excited! And my Father’s health improved in 2018… he has Alzheimers still and COPD, but he’s coping a little better these past few months.)

But yes, if 2018 was about sustaining growth with my education and nurting myself in the second year of my relationship with B, then 2019 will be about growing inwardly.. socially, and allowing new people into my life and my heart. I think I’m ready to open my heart and trust again. Only time will tell, but hoping for good things there in 2019. Expanding social horizons.

I’ve been meaning to write for awhile now, and only just remembered when I shared with a co-worker how I’ve been blogging for the past 25 years, and most recently here on WordPress. I wanted to ‘check in’ since the before the beginning of the new year, but I’ve just been too busy with holiday stuff.

(I had a great holiday, btw, here in Albuquerque and then home to Dallas on Christmas eve. Drove the whole way with no sleep for a whole day, but so worth it. Spent NYE with my man and his fam and then Christmas day and the following 5 days with my fam in TX. Then, back to ABQ to spend NYE with my man and watch with awe as we had our second major snow storm for the days after. Much needed, for sure. Amazing as always, but about 18 hours of driving and Podcast-listening… and twice that if you count my Thanksgiving trip home.)

I met up with many friends, near and far, both here locally and in TX. I hung out with my friends Loretta and Peggy (who I’ve worked with and still do occasionally), Brenna, my cousin Jennifer and my sister Kris and nephew Damian and my parents, as well as my aunt Jane and grandfather Tuffy (who was glad to see me after his wife, my grandma, passed a day before Thanksgiving late last year.) I’m so glad I get to spend time with loved ones as often as I do, both here in Albuquerque and in Dallas, and I count my blessings each day for my boyfriend’s amazing parents, too (Terri and Barb), and their family friend Glenda – a Hollywood starlet on the West Mesa in her huge glittering mansion. I love that woman!)

So… 2019. What’s in store? As I said above, I plan to expand my life socially, and I intend to let a few new people in. It hasn’t been easy for me, with everything I’ve been through in my life – but I must not stop growing and learning and bettering myself. I’ve got to trust people again. So yeah, that’s my new goal for the new year. (And to maintain my fitness goals that I’ve been working on since 2010… 100 pounds lost! Not bad.) In 2019 I also want to keep focusing on my photography, as well as go camping a bit more, and hiking, of course, and scooter riding. Yes. More of that, please! And perhaps another trip out of the country like last Summer in Cabo.. but maybe somewhere less beachy this time around?

Next up, as far as WP goes, I’ll be posting a nice little short story that I’ve been working on off and on for the past month. It’s entitled ‘Loretta,’ and its about an old work friend who I caught up with recently. I’m also working on a new idea for a novel… ironing out all the small details of the plot in my head. This would be novel #6 for me since “Sweet Pea” back in ’97. Teaser: a title for the novel I’ve been kicking around in my head: “Abandoned Concrete Structure,” a prequel to “Abandoned Airport Terminals,” my 4th novel. I’ll post some scenes from that, as well as work on another tech review or two, over the next few months.

Adios for now! Be good! And love often. It’s so much easier and healthier to love than it is to hate.



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