5.11.19 Birthday Week & Mother’s Day (Journal)

So I’m sitting at my parents’ house on my final day of my week-long vacation home… I’ve had a great time, and I needed this trip so very much. I arrived last Sunday morning around 2 am and dove into bed… I had just driven my usual 8.5 hours but half of that was riddled with storms, rain, hail, lightning, thunder… you name it, I drove through it, and all in my rental car! (Yes, my car is still in the shop being fixed, but should be ready in a few days, apparently.) When the hail hit it was like baseball sized, in west Texas about an hour north of Amarillo on I-40, so there was literally nowhere to hide! I managed to make it here, though, and am so grateful I got to come home for my birthday.

During the past week, I’ve got to hang out with so many people… My parents, of course, and my sister Kristie and her son Damian (my little sweet Latino nephew), as well as my friend Brenna, my cousins Tara and Jennifer, and Jennifer’s fiancé Alan. I got to hang with my aunt Jane and Uncle Jim, as well as some of my sister’s friends and a few other peeps here and there. My half-sister and her son Brennan (my nephew) also visited with us, and I’m so glad I got to see them! It was such a great visit! We went out to my favorite Tex-Mex place for my actual birthday and went out clubbing at the gay bars with my cousin Jen and her fiancé – it was a slow night at the clubs but it was good to get out. We also had dinner at Texas Roadhouse like we normally do, and I got to see my aunt Bettye there, as well. It was a great time!

As I’m sitting here through my fifth day of torrential rains here, I’m reminded of just how awesome it is to be home, how calm I feel when I’m here (even despite my Dad’s Alzheimer-fueled moods.) I always feel like these are my people, and this is my home, and nothing can replace family – absolutely nothing.

I’m heading back home today to NM after we go out for an early Mother’s Day lunch at Red Lobster with my family, but I won’t be gone for too long.. My sister’s birthday is coming up next month as well as my nephew’s the following month, and I’ll be headed out to California to see my older Sis and her family this summer, too, as well as my sweet niece Daisy.

One thing is certain.. I am loved, and coming home is always such a great experience, and definitely worth spending a week of my vacation to get caught up with family and friends, and to get back to a place of normalcy.

I wish all the Mom’s out there a Happy Mother’s Day, and I’m so happy to be heading home today with my dogs in tow, knowing that I am loved and missed when I leave.

Have an incredible (rainy) Spring!


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