12.10.21 The Zing Factor. (Previously Unpublished Journal from 6.7.19)

This is a journal entry from back in June 2019 that was previously unpublished. I thought I'd go ahead and publish it since I hate it when things go unpublished! The moral of the post is... seize the day, and don't hold your breath waiting for tomorrow. Tell your loved ones you love them in the moment! And be the best you can be each day. -BB

11.9.19 Being There. (Journal)

I wrote the following earlier tonight, which is a speech for church tomorrow. This serves as 'part 2' of the previous post, but it can also stand alone.  Just a update on my life and incorporated with my current reality. (Following is a Facebook post I wrote tonight about some friends who are going through... Continue Reading →

6.28.17 A Calling (Journal)

Since a young age, I have felt a calling. A calling to help others, to do the best I can to find resources for those in need and to help improve their lives. This all started, for me, in the early 90's when I joined my first LGBTQ college group. The DFW LGBTQ Alliance met... Continue Reading →

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