03.05.21 Yes, I’m still here. Are you? Part 3. (Journal)

Continuing on from my last post... New Home. So, after Alex passed away, I felt compelled to make a change or two in my life. I had sat around for months and months, working from home and still making A's in grad school online. Life had become predictable, depressing, boring and lonely. My family, as... Continue Reading →

6.21.17 Blue Period (Poem)

Blue Period Poem by Brian Bolding Photo from texasescapes.com 6.21.17   Suffocating silhouettes, Route 66 abandoned gas stations call to me Smoking too many cigarettes Thoughts that live in infamy…   (Languishing away in a coffeeshop on a Saturday Vignettes of loneliness Scattered through my mind If only I had the courage To stand up... Continue Reading →

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