6.21.17 Blue Period (Poem)

Blue Period

Poem by Brian Bolding

Photo from texasescapes.com



Suffocating silhouettes,

Route 66 abandoned gas stations call to me

Smoking too many cigarettes

Thoughts that live in infamy…


(Languishing away in a coffeeshop on a Saturday

Vignettes of loneliness

Scattered through my mind

If only I had the courage

To stand up and say hello

Be heard, be seen

less obscured and obscene)


(Writing love letters

To those I wrote off long ago

They’ll never see it

it’s all just for show

You wanted me to stay

But you never let me know

Now here I am all alone

In a small town laying low.)


My poetry has now flow

My thoughts are a jumbled mess

I guess it’s nearly time to go

I’m feeling my old self less and less

Growth is important; Education is key

I still just want is a small place to call my own

And somebody who loves me.


6.21.17 1202 pm wed bb.



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