3.25.20 Along For The Ride (Poem)

"Along For the Ride" by Brian Bolding Written on 3/25/20 In isolation at home in the chilly deserts in New Mexico... 10 days and counting! Being safe and, obviously, alone. (haha) Enjoy... BB ********************************* **********************************   Im just along for the ride I’m just sitting here On the sofa all by myself and lonely Getting... Continue Reading →

11.18.18 Nanny. (A Tribute)

My Nanny was diagnosed with Cerebrovascular disease and vascular dementia a few months ago. She had a stroke and is not getting blood flow to her brain. Her knight in shining armor, Tuffy, is watching her along with my Mom and her sisters at their home in North Richland Hills. I made the 9 hour... Continue Reading →

7.11.17 Igloo City (Poem)

Igloo City by Brian B.   When I turn 50 I wanna be real nifty Write books about self pity And dwell in an igloo city.   I wanna be real rich I wanna be real bitch I wanna help poor people And shit on the steeple.   When I turn 85 Please make me... Continue Reading →

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