12.18.21 The Edge of December (Journal)

So here we are! On the edge of December… on the verge of yet another new year. Can you believe it? I’m not sure if it’s my age or Covid or what, but every month seems to whiz by faster and faster, so fast I can’t keep up. Maybe this is what our grandpas and dads used to say when they said, “Life is short!” And I’m not even kidding. It really is. *F* me! lol 😉 The days and months and years are like sand in an hourglass, for real.

December is always that month at work where everyone’s gone for half the month and hardly anything gets done, and this year at my work has been no exception! My colleagues and I participated in work holiday parties and festivities as well we could, all the while trying to wrap up work for the year/month since we only have 2 good weeks in December to do that in. However, December is my most favorite time of the year, since I get to see my family and friends down in Texas (or Cali, as the case may be, when I do travel out there every few years for Xmas.)

What’s been going on besides work? Well, alot. I’m part of an LGBTQI theatre company (a ‘member at large’ on their board of directors) and our Christmas play just ended and was a success! Also, my graduate school has been trucking along. I’ve finally been able to take some time off (2 weeks for Thanksgiving, and I’ll have 2 weeks off for Christmas, too) but the classes are definitely getting more difficult! I’m now in a Research Methods class, which seems tough, but thus far, I’m still on the Dean’s List with all A’s! So, I’m doing great! Who knew I was such a great student? I think it’s maturity and age, tbh.

Other than that stuff, a lot of my private time has been taken up with working out, cleaning house, shopping for Christmas gifts and geeking out on my #vintagegaming #YouTube channel, which now has upwards of 35 subscribers! (Great win for me! I’ll take it!) Go check it out here. It’s been a labor of love, for sure. In 2022, I’m going to be producing 3 episodes per week, but the good news is that 2 of those episodes are easy to record, with the Friday episode being a ‘deep dive’ or closer look at a vintage gaming console or game. I’m most excited about “Storytime,” which is a new series I’ve started this month which features me reading my novels, short stories and poems, go check it out here! Please comment, like and subscribe, too, as I want/need the feedback desperately! :0

So what’s in store for 2022? Well, I plan on finding a second job that isn’t too intrusive to my schedule… either on the phone or part time somewhere physically on the weekends. On the video game front, I plan on transitioning from collecting for the Atari Jaguar at the moment to collecting for other systems (I’m starting to hit that money wall of higher priced games that I just refuse to plonk down all that cash for, so it’s onto something else.) Right now, I’m unsure what that system could be, it could be a new retro console I purchase or collecting for a system I already have, such as the Odyssey 2, PS2/PS1, Sega Genesis, or something else altogether. I’m currently waiting for the Evercade VS to arrive at the end of December, so that is something I’m going to be geeking out on, for sure, in the new year. (I’ll have a ‘deep dive’ coming up of that system, and a ‘year later review’ of a new vintage gaming console as yet unmentioned, in 2022.) That info and more coming up in my first episode of 2022 on Jan 7th. Be on the lookout for that here.

I’m hoping you all have a wonderful holiday break. I’ll be heading home to Texas again next week (on Wednesday the 23rd) and returning the 30th (my cat can’t be alone for longer than a week without completely and utterly freaking out, which, I completely understand!

Have a great holiday! Check out my channel on YouTube and spend your time with loved ones and friends. Vow to yourself to be a better person in 2022, and open your heart and mind to new people, new friends, new experiences & share your light. (Darkness and hatred only make you weak.)



Pic was taken of me in late 2019 around this same time.. Wow, life has changed since then!

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