12.27.22 “Bookendings” (Poetry, 2022)

As 2022 draws to a close, I reflect back upon the ways in which I have closed yet another chapter of my life with writing about the past and have moved on.

I hope everyone had a happy, healthy & joyous holiday with those you love the most, while opening your heart to new friends & giving back to your communities.

Here’s to an amazing new year! Here’s to the future!

There’s a big new road ahead of us all.


“Bookendings” by Brian Bolding


Another chapter ends

another road suddenly evaporates

Don’t know where I’m going

traversing over shattered dinner plates


Tip-toeing around the carnage

A wild eyed youth no more

I don’t know where I’m going

Twice the size I was before


I know there’s more to life than this

I need to reach out, open my heart again

There’s no bravery in being alone

No bravery in being alone, you win


Another chapter ends

My fingers can’t type fast enough

Life can be cruel & empty

Neverending, hateful & rough


But life can also be beautiful

If you open your heart to something new

Time to turn the key in the lock

and find another view


Time to count my blessings

Move on from this devastating wreck

I’m not getting any younger

In the scheme of things, I’m just a speck


Another chapter ends

Another page turns quickly

I’m no longer the boy I used to be

pale, ignorant and sickly


Time to stand tall and be proud

Another story’s waiting

Time to embrace someone new

The past is quickly fading


Another chapter ends

Another chapter ends

Put away the sad sad song

I knew I had it in me all along.


12.27.22 823 am BB.


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