10.09.22 The Monster Ran Afowl. (Poetry)

I haven’t written in months. Since June. Don’t know why. Oh. I do know why. Life got busy. Grad school kicked into high gear. My internship began. Still working my 40 every week at my job, on top of the 15 hours I dedicate to my grad school each week. The other day, I decided to write a new poem, in the style of all things Halloween, and a past littered with savage, dangerous and insane relationships. Ok, there were a few pleasant ones, but mostly, they were chaotic. This poem is about Halloween, and crazy relationships. (Thankfully, I don’t have this problem now as I am more or less a ‘functioning hermit! at 47.) Enjoy! This poem appears in my poetry book for October 2022, “The Wasted Angsty Monster Diaries, Volume One.”-BB

“The Monster Ran Afowl” by Brian Bolding


With a short greedy snort

And a wildly wicket grunt

The monster ran afowl

His eyes fixed on the hunt


Through sewers and swamps

And endless vistas and pristine mountaintops

The end of the world is nigh

And today I woke up feeling high in off color flip flops


Waiting behind the dead street lamps

Sitting there in my universal space

Anytime, anyplace

Can’t wipe this smile off my face


He’s waiting He’s breathing

He’s thinking He’s bored too

Husky and askew

He really wants to dine with you


Perky and sweet

He’s gonna sweep you off your feet.


Although this love is such a stinking disgrace

Can’t wipe this damn smile off my face.


He can’t wait to dig his claws into me

and throw me into another illogical fit of ecstasy

He can’t wait to dig his claws into me

under fresh linen sheets where we collect our warm feets.


Grinning closely, he’s probably drunk again.

This I know… I will never do this again.


Can’t resist. Can’t say no. Can’t fogive. Can’t let go.

Can’t resist. Can’t say no. Can’t forgive. Can’t let go.


Another broken face. Another shattered vase.

Another empty place. Another cold case.


10.8.22 1241 am sat bb.

The picture is a digital artwork I created entitled, “Endless Shove.” (2018)

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