11.28.18 Surface Laptop 2. (Tech Review)

The original Microsoft Surface Laptop debuted about a year ago, to a significant burst of YouTube reviews and fanfare. The device was particularly well received because of it's all-around good specs, it's revolutionary fuzzy Alcantara keyboard, it's amazing screen... even though the device was missing something everyone was wondering about: a USB C port. Instead,... Continue Reading →

2.8.18 Random Thoughts 1,259

These random thoughts are brought to you by... me being a procrastinator and not doing my homework. Ok, here goes... 😀   I'm currently addicted to the low calorie vegetable egg rolls at Dollar Tree. God help me. Another thing the bf has suggested that I love. lol Check this out, too. Recipe for Cinnamon... Continue Reading →

6.20.17 B-Ware (My June 2017 Tech List)

Newest tech that has passed across my desk this month: -Microsoft Surface Laptop (2017, Cobalt Blue, i5, 256GB, 8GB Ram) -HP 201 Mini (2010) -Commodore C64 (2) and 2 Pro Models -2 Commodore Floppy Drives -1 Commodore Pro Floppy Drive With all this new and old tech, I am feeling pretty nostalgic and excited, I... Continue Reading →

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