6.20.17 B-Ware (My June 2017 Tech List)

Newest tech that has passed across my desk this month:

-Microsoft Surface Laptop (2017, Cobalt Blue, i5, 256GB, 8GB Ram)

-HP 201 Mini (2010)

-Commodore C64 (2) and 2 Pro Models

-2 Commodore Floppy Drives

-1 Commodore Pro Floppy Drive

With all this new and old tech, I am feeling pretty nostalgic and excited, I must admit. I walked into my local thrift store at the beginning of the month and was amazed at what IĀ  saw… not one, not two, but THREE Commodore 64 and 64 Pro’s, in immaculate condition! I was so stoked. The HP Mini was an eBay acquisition when I had some funds trapped in my account I needed to spend, so I spent $50 on this 2010 beauty. It is running Windows 10 and super slow, it only has 1 GB of ram and the processor stinks, but it’s very cute and portable. (Something else for me to tinker with later, I guess.) The new Microsoft Surface Laptop is also an amazing piece of technology that I pre-ordered and have been looking forward to for quite a while! I am glad to report that it is an amazing piece of tech. I’ll be doing a review of that one soon. Its flat out gorgeous, and so awesome to use.

As always, I’m always on the look out for old tech you don’t want, and am always in the market for newer stuff, too (thanks to the old eBay account where I sell old tech to buy new.) I think I’ve done enough damage for the Summer with the new Surface Laptop šŸ™‚ But I just had to have one.

Ok, yeah… now it’s time to save for the holidays and for bills n stuff šŸ™‚




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