1.28.18 Shannon Lay: Living Water (Music Spotlight)

So, I heard this artist today on my Spotify curated personal playlist. This haunting, almost mystic voice followed me around my house. A sincere mixture of loneliness, love, happiness, intense emotion and realness. I had to glance at my Spotify. The artist’s name was Shannon Lay and the song was called “Recording 15.” The album is called “Living Water.” I’m completely spellbound by what I’m hearing. Folk wisdom and wonderfully descriptive, interpersonal lyrics. Quiet and personal, luminating and satisfying. Spotify lists her genre as folk/country, but what I really hear is a coffee-shop chill vibe.  “Orange Tree” is also a new personal favorite song. I searched her online and found this great Pitchfork review, check her out:


The review I read states the artist is from L.A. and that makes me smile. Having lived there for the better part of 2011, I came to appreciate artists from there and have more or less taught myself to really invest in lyrics.

Shannon Lay’s lyrics and voice pays in spades.


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