1.30.18 Soap Box: Why Trump is really bad for America


*Begin rant./*


I am not a politically correct Democrat from up North. No, I’m a Southern Democrat. So I’ll tell it like it is, with a dose of southern shade, as expected.

While I hate the negative news and negativity in general, I must express something tonight that has been killing me inside for the longest time.

I must tell you my own political truth, my feelings and beliefs about this orange Cheetoh smudge upon our nation.

Here goes…

As *gasp/barf/gag* President Donald Trump gives his first State of the Union address, I am sickened and gutted to see such filth serving as our President. Not only because of the racist, sexist, and bigoted remarks he’s made, not just because of the disrespectful late night Tweets and the millions of women and gay people he has shamed into a corner, but for the arrogant, divisive animal that he actually is.

I think that Trump is bad for America.

As a gay man writing this, I know that’s not shocking to hear.

Let me clarify my hatred for this man. For example, when George Bush was president, both of them, I supported them, and even though we politically differed, I respected them – as human beings – as compassionate men with at least seemingly good hearts. Here we have… something altogether more frightening and disturbing: a monster being without a soul who has his finger on the nuclear red button? I’m sorry, I can’t support and stand behind a man who has lied and created all the “fake news” of which he himself speaks. He never lied to us, no, he told us the truth. Those of you who voted for him just didn’t want to see the truth. I’m sickened, frustrated and disgusted.

I’m scared to wake up some days. I look out windows sometimes, up at the sky, hoping not to see a missile or a bomb or something crazy. I never did that before, not until 9/11 anyways. With Trump, I have to look more often, and mostly… I just want to look away.

Kids need to look up to their President, not hear him say how he can “grab a woman by the pussy” because he’s a ‘celebrity’ and he can get away with it. We don’t need to see a president promise protection and equality for gays and lesbians and rip away Transgender rights and advances that had already been voted on. What about young gays growing up, seeing the country change its stance on so many issues to which they themselves are confused about. We don’t need to have a president who further and more deeply divides this already hugely divided country.

Just to put it out there, I definitely DO respect everyone’s beliefs, including political, and religious beliefs, etc. What I won’t go along with are those using the guise of religious strength to further persecute and demean women and gays by throwing more guilt and hatred upon them. What a terrible thing to do. I can respect you if you are against abortions. What I can’t respect is someone degrading women and belittling them by their comments, and by stripping away rights from the LGBTQI communities. I only respect those who judge me by my character, not by who I choose to sleep with. However, I do not respect those who are severely lacking character.

I’ve been praying a lot more lately, I’ll just say that. I pray that God protect us from this misguided dictator and get us through this time with as little bloodshed as possible, and without the political divide growing deeper and deeper with every tweet and every boastful, rude and arrogant nasty thing this man says.

I hope for more for our country. I hope for a leader we can stand beside and vote with and pray with and laugh with and create a better future with. I hope for a leader who can solve problems by uniting the country, not by re-writing the rules just to rip it apart. I hope for a leader who doesn’t look like a reject character design from Planet of the Apes.

Being reminded of Trump day in and day out via headline news and tweets and the like.. it’s similar to having ones eyes boiled out of ones sockets.

Ok. Quick… someone get me a damn drink.

Seriously, America. I’m praying for you. For us.

*/end rant.*



Image Credit: NY Daily News. 

Retrieved from: http://www.nydailynews.com/opinion/trump-reaction-north-korea-charlottesville-revealed-weakness-article-1.3409373

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