2.4.18 Blissful B (Journal)

Having an amazing weekend, I hope you are too!

Yesterday was probably one of the most amazing Saturdays I’ve had in my entire life. I spent a wonderful entire day with my boyfriend B yesterday. It was probably one of a handful of times in the past five months that we’ve been able to share nearly an entire day together. (He has an illness that I have discussed a little before, so I won’t elaborate here.) We met up at my place, immediately went out for coffee at a new place across the street (and it was amazing), then we went to have lunch at Cheesecake Factory (which was amazing, btw), our spot on the outdoor heated patio was incredible. Like.. the perfect mix of hot and cold and our conversation was funny and engaging. We held hands, shared a salted caramel cheesecake afterwards, even… it was just one of those lunches where I have to pinch myself that everything was so yummy and went so well. Always a great sign that I’m with the right guy! Afterwards, we did a little shopping at Kohl’s, then returned home to chill and play Zelda on my Nintendo Switch (I’m getting him into it, such an amazing game. By the end of the night, we were cuddling and laughing; B was clearing shrines and advancing me further in Zelda and I was so amazed. He’s a natural at this. :D) We had some long conversations, too, and had some passionate moments, and it was just AMAZING. Can’t say that enough.

I love this man!!! 😀

This relationship is more than I probably ever dreamed of, more than I deserve (is it?), and just so incredible. I love this man with all my heart and I’m so happy to call him my own. On Feb 22, it will be 6 months that we’ve been together, and every memory B and I have shared has been extraordinary. I’m so happy I moved to this small desert town, so happy I started over here six years ago, and everything I have done here has led me to this.

So smitten, happy and in love. And very unapologetic about it, too, I might add. I’ve written so much these past 20 years about the agony of being alone and invisible and depressed, and finding joy in the smallest things like tech and doctor who and kitty cats. Now, after a lifetime of dating and creating memories (some good, some bad) with others, I can honestly say that this feels like the real thing. I am so happy I can’t contain it, so I wanted to share my happiness here.

Looking forward to this year, it’s been so amazing already…



Picture: Me and my amazing boyfriend yesterday. Yes, we are both Brian’s! 😀

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