9.23.19 Autumn’s Wind (Poem)



She carried me over on a wild gust

Of dead brown leaves and desert dust

She handed me off to higher powers

And doused me in her dirty smelling rain showers


The ebb and flow

of who you are and what you know

Seem to fade away

As soon as tomorrow is today


She carried me through all this pain

Like a steamrolling barreling runaway train

Oh Daddy I hope you’re safe and sound

While I’m barefoot on this here dusty ground


Conflicting thoughts abound

I really liked having you around

She carried me on a frenzied blast

Of big storms whipping past


The love and rain you send

I simply can’t pretend

Doesn’t mean everything

Helps me get back under my own wing


Some days I catch a flicker of a smile cast

But I know right now It won’t last

Oh my my we can’t pretend

I wasn’t changed forever by autumn’s wind…




Brian Bolding

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