04.08.21 Awakening (Poem)

This poem was written by Brian Bolding in his poetry book for April-June 2021, “Out of the Dark.” Enjoy.

Hands reaching out

Through the cool midnight dirt

Reaching upwards, gasping for air

Ripping off my red shirt

Hands reaching out

Fading away, like tv snow

Reaching upwards, gasping for life

Putting on my fuzzy morning slippers

I’ve got to get my shit and go

Nobody knows

Where I disappear to

But I can guarantee you, it’s nowhere good

It’s just me by myself

On the side of the road somewhere

Listening to talk radio and taking pictures

Out in the open air

Nobody loves me more

Than me, can you see?

Nobody told me

You had to bend over

Just to have a good friend

No I won’t sell my soul

But it’s time to stop the pretend

I’ve got to socialize

And poke my head out of this moist soil

Time to wake up and say hello

I’m gonna be at a huge disadvantage tho

I’ve got to get up

Get out and say hi to people

Go places and do things

I’m almost 46, it’s time to spread

My wings, time to stand tall

Time to stand proud, time to 

Scream my name out loud!

Ok maybe that’s a bit much

I have to admit, I’m a little out of touch.

4.8.21 912 pm thu bb.

(Picture was found randomly on the internet and edited very sloppily with Preview on a MacBook Pro running Mac OS Big Sur. You’re welcome.)

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