04.16.21 Cloak & Dagger Days (Poem)

From “Out of the Dark,” my poetry book for April-June 2021, here’s “Cloak & Dagger Days.” Kind of a ‘moving on’ tale, which is what I’ve been doing the past few years. Finding myself again. -BB

“Cloak & Dagger Days”

by Brian Bolding


Flying by the seat

Of whatever cute horny latino I happen to meet

Mouth wide open, all agape

It’s cloak and dagger days

Oops! Time to part our ways


Get in Get out

That’s how it used to be my love

Totally smitten, but when push comes to shove

Can’t get too close, tell them to get the F out

Flying by the seat of my pants

Of whatever cute white boy I happened to romance


All of those ups & downs, only to find

I just wanted, I just needed some peace of mind

Then I find myself alone in my mid 40’s one day

Time to start over again, reflect, time to renew

Building up my strength… This is my patchwork life without you.


4.16.21 558 pm Friday – bb.


(freeflow poem written in under 7 minutes! those are just the best.)

Photo is a selfie taken in October 2019.


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