06.08.21 Truncating Perspectives No. 492 (Poem)

The following poem was written on June 8, 2021 and appears in my personal poetry book for April-June 2021, “Out of the Dark.” Enjoy – BB

Cut right through

Wiping out all the inner goo

Clinging on to old sentimentalities

Don’t let me stay here too long, boo

I’ll go into one of my other personalities

I’m getting rid of the shit

Going through up and down and over it

Throwing out what doesn’t fit

And I don’t care on single bit

Who gets in my way

They’ll regret doing that today

That’s for sure, I don’t want you to see me

When I fall to pieces, seemingly

I’m cutting out the fat

So get ready for that

And I’m chopping it all to the floor

So I can start over now I’m much more mature.

6.8.21 412 pm tue bb.

The photo was taken by me at the State Fair of Texas in 2017. The State Fair of Texas features a series of statues scattered around pavilions within the front of the park, which are extremely old and art deco-ey, which I love!

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