06.11.21 Kiss Me Like A Hurricane (Poem)

The following poem was written on June 11, 2021 and appears in my personal poetry book for April-June 2021, “Out of the Dark.” Enjoy! -BB

Kiss Me Like a Hurricane

by Brian Bolding

Rock me gently

Hold me in your arms tonight

Touch me slowly

Speak naughty little things in my ear all night

Kiss me up and down

Roll me over too

Kiss me like a hurricane

Like I’m Napoleon and you’re Waterloo

Miss me always

Cry for me when I’m gone

Think of me often

Sitting out there naked on your front lawn

We used to be so bad

Drink or drugs were just nothing at all

It was like the air we breathed

Looking at imaginary shapes on the wall

You and your goofy high smile, floppy blonde hair

In 1994, that made me stare.

Kiss me up and down

Roll me over too

Kiss me like a hurricane

I may wanna marry you

Don’t call all the time

Let me squirm a bit

Because when I’m fired up

I’m all over it.

Fly me to the moon

Before the world ends

Wrap me up in your strong blanket arms

Wash away all my sins.

6.11.21 1115 pm fri bb. // Dedicated to Troy Clark.

Photo was found via the interwebs. Artist is Liana Horbaniuc (sp?) Cool art!

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