06.29.21 Sirens Wail / Exit Only / One Shoe On (Poems)

These three poems were written on June 29, 2021 and appear in my personal poetry book for April-June 2021, “Out of the Dark.” Enjoy! -BB


Flaming red

All over your face

It’s mid morning TV

And people are missing in Surfside, Miami

Cracked glass concrete and severe masses

Crying babies and limbs everywhere

In rocks barbed wire and human molasses

Sirens wail the world goes on

Nobody knew that 150 people died

On that sad day, while we were away

Nothing on my mind but surf and sunshine

And before I knew it

Hundreds of people bit the bullet

While somberly asleep

Woke up falling in the deep

So sad im sorry to say

I can’t quite express my grief, I hope they had spiritual beliefs

But I send prayers to you

Prayers to you all, What a terrible thing

And I will forever keep you in my heart

I’m so so sorry.

6.29.21 1003 am tue bb.


Blaring red light

In the middle of the night

Marching down concrete corridors

Hands down, tongues tied

I didn’t wanna come over

But your daddy died

Exit only, no way out

Exit only, no way out

Steps down, steps down

Steps up, steps up

Broken handrails and little elevator bells

Don’t go over that white line!

I can’t even think what life’s all about

I just want whats mine

In the middle of this

It’s Just all hands up and shout

Give me no doubt

And I’ll be there

Waiting with a flashlight

And a mesmerizing glare

I wanna be your man

I’ll do everything I can

But youre on the other side

I didn’t wanna come over

But you made me obsessed.

6.29.21 1005 am tue bb.

One Shoe On

One shoe on

One shoe off

Endlessly falling

Endlessly falling

Constantly untied

As big as they are wide

One telephone wire

Constantly unplugged

Who’s that calling

Oh who’s that calling

Will you answer

Or won’t you become a hula hoop dancer

Tube socks, stupid jocks

Steamy stinky locker rooms

And ten inch cocks

Dripping with sweat

Oh it’s kinky I’ll bet

Give me your number

Or blow me right here

Let’s get this over with

Because objects are smaller than they appear

Will you kiss me

On this titty or that

Would you frisk me

On a really dirty cat mat?

Would you lick me

On my big fat seat

In the middle of the street?

Would you may? Or would you wont?

Kiss me Kiss me

Make me your bridezilla

I wanna be your bob cowboy in the buff

I wanna be your hung coop killa.

6.29.21 1008 am tue bb.

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