08.04.21 Broken Visage (Poem)

This poem was written on August 8, 2021 and appears in my personal poetry book for July-September 2021, “The Snarl Diaries.” Enjoy! -BB

“Broken Visage”

by Brian Bolding

Hidden halfway in the sand

A mystery deepens and comes to light

You’ve got to understand

There will be no one in your bed tonight

Broken shards of wisdom and peace

Joy comfort and hope

It all comes raining down in a desert rain

And this morning, it felt quite dope

But I don’t want to be the one

To rain on your parade

There’s a broken image of you and me

In the trash today that I made

Hidden halfway in the sheets

Half a human face

Riddled with a million tweets

And the world goes falling

Into a ravine

When they break this baby

They break it clean.

8.2.21 744 pm mon bb.

‘Desert Sunrise’ Poster Print by Ellie Levine | Displate in 2020 | Whimsical art, Art …

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