08.06.21 Feelin’ Itty Bitty (Poem)

This poem was written on July 5, 2021 and appeared in my personal poetry book for July-September 2021, “The Snarl Diaries.” Enjoy! -BB

“Feelin’ Itty Bitty”

by Brian Bolding

Head hung low

Can’t cope, must dope

To hide the pain to get my mind

Off this runaway antisocial mine train

It’s time to settle down

It’s time to drown

Laying down next to kitty

Feelin itty bitty

Feeling pretty shitty

Standing tall, but feeling small

Standing tall, but feeling small

Don’t want to move

Got nothin’ to prove

Just feelin’ the groove

A little music on the turntable

After 2019 I’m still barely able

To keep my eyes open

But I’ll try, but I’ll try

I don’t want to miss a thing

When its time to let my heart sing.

7.5.21 1237 am mon bb.

Photograph: My Niece’s Little Kitten. July 16, 2021. By BB.

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