08.10.21 Unflinchingly. (Poem, 2016)

I’m beginning a new feature, starting this month.. I’ll be posting poems from the past that I haven’t posted here yet. It’s interesting to go back and see where I’ve come from, how far I have changed, or none of the above! So.. with that said… “Unflinchingly” was written on August 10, 2016, in my Poetry Book for July-September 2016, entitled ‘Random Thoughts and What Nots.” Five years ago today. Seems like a lovely little thing. I think it was around the time I met my last ex. Yes, that ex. (lol) Enjoy!


by Brian Bolding

In the waking hour

The smell of pancakes

And underarm hair

Musty little jiggles

A cream filled bed

Looking gazingly out at the stars

I rub my hands on your head

Kiss your face, such a pretty face

I want to look at you

Forever, Anytime, Anyplace

I’ll try not to compare

You are a fresh chapter

In a very thin new book

I just want you to stay after

You’ve had a better look.

8.10.16 1138 pm bb. Wed

Photo was taken by Brian Bolding on March 14, 2016 at the Bosque Del Apache Wildlife Refuge in NM.

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