08.17.21 Sonnet (Poem)

“Sonnet” was written free-flow style on August 17, 2021 from 10:21 pm to 10:25 pm, and it appears in my poetry book for July-September 2021, entitled “The Snarl Diaries.” Enjoy!


By Brian Bolding


Bluebirds sitting

Chirping, singing

Bulldogs shitting

Blurping, bleeping

Tiny cats howl

Big dogs gnarl

Mountaintops Wither

Snow beneath the snarl

Growiing, hunting

Praying, coping

Flying into another

Twilight tonight

Flying into another

Twilight tonight

Out beyond the stars

Headlong into the green light

Up above the clouds

Where baby’s breath

Causes whispers

On the great Caspian seas

You hold me

And sink me

To my knees.

Kiss me, Papi!

8.17.21 1025 pm tue bb.

Dedicated to “G”

Photo: “Foggy Bog” by Brian Bolding. Taken October 2017 at Sandia Peak in NM

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