08.21.21 My Life is a Run-On Sentence (Poem, 2018)

“My Life is a Run-On Sentence” was written on June 30, 2018 and appeared in my personal journal book for April-June 2018, ‘Charlie Tango Foxtrot.’ It’s an oldie but a goodie, depending upon your idea of good! Enjoy! -BB

My Life is a Run-On Sentence

by Brian Bolding

Sometimes I find

Letting my thoughts run free

Is a terrible thing

Almost criminal, actually

I need to find a way

To get these words out

So much to fucking say

Not sure what its all about

Sometimes I find

My life is a run on sentence

And everyone else is blind

Oh really, I don’t mind

Id rather sit here and face the rain

Typing random poems away

Then scaring people to death

With all the garbage I have to say

Nobody listens

Nobody listens anyway

I’d be better off in a box

The ambiguous bit about the day.

6.30.18 1036 am sat bb.

Photo: Me in Cabo San Lucas in July 2018.

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