09.12.21 Suffocating September (Poem)

“Suffocating September” was written on 9/12/21 and is in my personal poetry book for July-September 2021, “The Snarl Diaries.” The poem was written between 1250-1253 am and is my little form of a free-flow” style poetry, written as a stream of instant thought with no editing. Enjoy! -BB

“Suffocating September” by Brian Bolding

When I go outside

And my feet stick to the street

In the dead dog heat

When I look out the window

And all I see is parched off color humor

You know it’s time to go

Flush the politics down the commode

I’m about to explode

Pick up your things and hit the road

See something else for a few minutes or more

Just go outside

Just open the damn door

Look around, breathe in that fresh air

Suffocating September is everywhere

Oh my heaven it’s the anniversary of 9/11

I don’t think I can tolerate

This daily drowning

This impending doom

Laying itself out

On my living room floor

I don’t want anymore

I don’t want… I don’t want anymore

I don’t want… I don’t want anymore

I don’t want… I don’t want anymore


I’m full thanks.

9.12.21 1253 am sun bb.

The image is a royalty free stock image from iStock.com

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