10.10.21 Unearthly Delights. (Poem)

This poem, “Unearthly Delights,” was written on October 10, 2021 in my personal poetry book for Oct-Dec 2021 entitled ‘Earthly Delights in a Closed Type Universe.’ It’s a weird one, about a sexually-charged dark dream I had recently. Yay for those! It’s a dark kinky kinda world sometimes when we dream. Have fun, and get plenty of rest so you can be whisked to far off places at night, too, for free! -bb

“Unearthly Delights”

by Brian Bolding

Walking into the garden

Out there amongst the towering trees

I can feel it in my bones

I can feel it in my knees

The stench of steely determination

And blood on a telephone wire

I can feel it in my lips

I can feel it when you perspire

Walking into the garden

Thinking this won’t go so well

I can feel it in my blood

I can feel it in your smell

The darkest places

Inside your heart

Turn into freedom

When you bust it all apart

Nobody knows

Where this path will lead

But if you stick with me

I promise you will lay seed.

10.1.21 547 pm fri bb.

Image credit: Unknown, cloud sketch. From Pinterest.

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