Introducing… Ballistik Coffee Boy – The Vintage Gaming YouTube Channel!

Hey guys! Just FYI! I’ve started my own official YouTube page! It’s called.. yep, you’ve guessed it, Ballistik Coffee Boy. I started it on the DL about a month ago. I’ve been wanting or meaning to start up my own YouTube channel for nearly 10+ years now, and I’m so glad I did. I met up with my local retro gaming buddies, Adam & Chris, last weekend, and I finally admitted to having had a channel for a few weeks already. Why the hesitancy? Well, I hate how I come off on video, and I don’t know much about shooting good video, as tech savvy as I consider myself to be. I’m just not an audio pro or good shooting videos, but there’s always a good time to learn, I guess? I also wanted to make sure I liked the final product and I came across fairly OK, and Adam and Chris quelled my fears. So, starting today, I’ll be posting here when I have a new video out to let you know about.

What are the videos about? The videos right now are ALL vintage gaming reviews, memories, unboxings and stories about gaming. I don’t go into much detail about my personal life as I have done on my online blog since the late 90’s, but I always wanted to just have a channel for my video game geeky stuff and this is it! Feel free to visit, subscribe (I need the subscribers!), like and comment so I can grow my presence there. I think I have like 1 commenter and subscriber only at this point (pathetic, I know) so please hit up my page and leave your mark!

So far, I have made a whopping 8 videos, and I’ll describe them in detail below, as well as provide some linkage..

BCB #1 – My Vintage Gaming Memories

BCB #2 – Atari 2600

BCB #3 – The Vectrex

BCB #4 – Nintendo NES & 10 Great Games

BCB #5 – What’s in a Name? The Story of Ballistik

BCB #6 – Video Games Monthly – Unboxing for Oct 2021

BCB #7 – Atari 7800

BCB #8 – Vintage Halloween Games

Oh, I was going to say, too, before you dig in.. take it easy on me! I’ve been recording these on a base model 2020 iPad and I’ve run out of storage, so I have to delete the videos as soon as I post them (by using my Mac Mini upstairs and a Surface Pro), and in some spots the audio is too loud or too low (usually my voice is too low and the intro and outro I made is too loud.) I apologize, so please adjust your audio accordingly, and look forward to more videos coming your way as I feel the urge!

That’s all for now.. and my apologies for being so behind on the Atari 2600 Homebrew Game Reviews. I got busy with a work event I coordinated and school has been tough lately, and I’ve been spending time gaming and making these videos above, so I hope you all enjoy and comment on them!

Have a great Fall.. enjoy the weather, spend time with your family and loved ones (and your favorite retro gaming system or two!)

Have a great one…


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