10.17.21 New Site Feature – YouTube

Starting today, the section “ART” has been changed to “YouTube,” where you can view each episode of Ballistik Coffee Boy – The Vintage Video Gaming YouTube page. This page will be updated (when I feel like it) with new content as it becomes available, or by the time the world ends, whichever comes first! Enjoy! -BB

One thought on “10.17.21 New Site Feature – YouTube

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  1. I know what you mean about making updates to your website. Even the best laid plans fall prey to forgetting or just not caring. I fall in and out of the “habit” of updating my own videogame website. Recently, I’ve making making small daily updates. I wish that I could do that all of the time, but I know that there will be upcoming times when no updates will happen for many months at a time.

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