11.05.21 Episode #14, “Atari Lynx,” now up on my YouTube channel! Go check it out :)

On this week’s BCB, I delve into the lovely depths of the Atari Lynx color portable handheld system, from 1989! The GameBoy’s popularity essentially killed this system just a few short years after it was released, but the Atari Lynx had alot going for it… a color LCD screen, some great games with premium sound and excellent gameplay and super-portability, coupled with two options to charge (batteries or AC), and it’s just an all around amazing system! Check out this weeks BCB as I play some Atari Lynx games, show you what I’ve collected so far and give you some insight into this phenomenal piece of video game history!

Check it out here! BCB #14 – ATARI LYNX 11.5.21

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