11.06.21 Double 8’s (Poetry, 2021)

Here is a recent poem from my personal poetry book for Oct-Dec 2021 entitled ‘Earthly Delights in a Closed Type Universe,’ all about dreams, life during Covid, remembering the past and dealing with residual demons. All of this, while I continue my voyage through the third year of grad school. This one’s called “Double 8’s,” and it’s all about a friend/roommate of mine from about 27-28 years ago, when I got my first apartment when I was 18. His name was Troy, I’ve written about him a whole lot, because he had a huge impact on me at a very fragile time… me finding my way in the world, fighting with darkness, trying to find the light of things and survive. *BB

“Double 8s” by Brian Bolding

His floppy blonde hair

Hanging down over his eyes

That dimple could kill a man

And so could his endless lies


Couldn’t take my sight

Off his mesmerizing gaze

Even when he hit me

I continued to sing his praise


Something about him

Wearing baggy jeans and sociopathic traits

Looking at me like a loser in the pool hall

Laughing wildly wearing his shirt with Double 8s


He screwed my friends in front of me

And stole my last stash of weed

He was the greatest friend ever

Until he made my heart bleed.


He disappeared one day

Down a hot sizzling Arlington summer street

Never saw him again, not a trace

All that remained were the size 8 Vans from his smelly feet.


10.28.21 1118 pm for troy bb.

Drawing is entitled “Double 8’s” and was done by myself in Paint 3-D on 11/6/21 at 11:00 p.m. -BB

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