12.4.21 Past Participle (Poetry, 2021)

“Past Participle” was written on December 3, 2021, at 11:23 pm, in my personal poetry book for Oct-Dec 2021, ‘Earthly Delights in a Closed Universe.’ It’s about the past. Enjoy… -BB

“Past Participle” by Brian Bolding

I’m just a relic

A relic without a clue

I find myself watching shadows

Since we lost you

Stumbling through open doors

Bouncing off the walls

In my mind, so much to say

In empty hallowed halls

Like dust on a shelf

Or an unread page in a book

I always hoped they’d talk to me

All I wanted to do was take a look

I’m just a relic

A fly by night ancient memory

Through open windows and lost desert horizons

Trying to reconcile the past and me.

12.3.21 1123 pm fri bb.

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