12.20.21 Reach for Fire (Poetry, 2015)

Back in 2015 around this time, I was hesitant to fall in love again. You know the story… it’s a story I’ve lived with since 1993 when I started dating and having a love life. This time of year, I always feel the sting of being single the most, with the warmth of the holidays surrounding us all, and back in 2015, I was literally in the same boat I’m in right now. However, you must risk being burned by the fire in order to enjoy basking in the glow of it. Of course, I still ponder that question… “is it worth it?” Here I am, single at 46, with no kids and no special someone in my life, for the umpteenth time. Around Christmastime, it can get lonely, and thankfully I have found single life lately to be stable, comforting, predictable and normalized. Of course, I don’t need someone to complete me, but it sure would be nice! Read onwards.. and have a great holiday, snuggled up with your pets or your pillow or that special someone. This poem was written on Dec 21, 2015 and was contained in my poetry book for Oct-Dec 2015, ‘Look for the Silver Linings.’ Enjoy… xx -BB

“Reach for Fire” by Brian Bolding

Sometimes when I reach for love

I reach for fire, I reach for flame

And I don’t want to play your foolish game

Burn me once shame on you

Burn me twice shame on me

I long for love so desperately

I long for love so desperately

Sometimes when I reach for you

I reach for fire, I reach for flame

And I don’t think I’ll ever be the same

When the fire in your eyes

Takes me over and comprimises

Everything I’ve ever known or felt compartmentalizes

Sometimes I feel like it’s not worth it

Sometimes I feel like I’m ice cold

Too feisty and set in my ways to hold.

BB 808 pm 12.21.15 BB.

Photo was taken by me on October 6, 2016

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